To make radio programmes you need:


Recording Equipment - To record voices and sounds that you want to include in your radio programme.

Audio Editing Software - To edit out any mistakes and to make the audio sound good for broadcast.


What Equipment do you need?


The basic equipment you need to make radio:


Microphone, Smart-phone OR Digital Recorder

PC, Laptop, Mac or Tablet

Microphone Nationa College Radio
Phone National College Radio
PC National Colleg Radio
Ipad National Colleg Radio

What Software do you need?


There are many different types of software that you can use to edit audio and most of them do exactly the same thing. Some professional audio editing software can cost a lot of money and be very difficult to use, but some software is completely FREE and can be a little easier to use. 


All audio editing software takes a little time to get used to but just like most things "practice makes perfect!".


Below you can find a link to FREE software called Audacity and some more links to software that will cost money, however Audacity can do everything you need to make a professional sounding radio programme.


Mac users: Most Apple Mac computers will come with FREE Garage Band Software which you can use to make good radio programmes.



Link to FREE Software









This is a link to Audacity a FREE Audio Editing platform that you can use to make professional sounding radio programmes. Click Here for links to video tutorials on Youtube. You can use Audacity on PC or Mac.



Links to other Software

Here's a list of software that we recommend but please be aware that it can cost a lot of money!


Adobe Audition:


Pro-tools (PC or Mac users):


Logic (for Mac users only):